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Legal fees and costs for civil cases

If you are having a civil circumstance to courtroom in Eire, as quickly as feasible just after you have offered guidelines to your solicitor, he/she will have to recommend you in writing of the expenses you will be charged for his/her solutions. If it is not feasible to give you a definite sum, he/she will have to estimate a sum or at the really least describe the basis on which expenses or expenses will be calculated.

Generally solicitors will wait until finally a circumstance is concluded before necessitating payment of their expenses. Even so, from time to time expenses will be asked for in advance, primarily in a circumstance the place you operate a high threat of getting rid of.


The solicitor’s charge can consist of the expert charge, miscellaneous expenses (for case in point, mobile phone phone calls) and expenses from third events, (for case in point, authorities businesses).Solicitors are not allowed to cost you on the basis of a share of any award or settlement of your circumstance.

Solicitor’s expenses are based mostly on the next:

    • the complexity of the matter
    • the urgency of the matter
    • the trouble of the concerns lifted
    • the skill, labour, specialised understanding and duty included
    • the quantity and worth of paperwork well prepared or examined
    • the total or worth of any transaction included
    • the worth of the matter to you
    • the time fairly expended by staff in the solicitor’s business on the matter
    • the place or locations and the conditions in which the matter is pursued

If you are not happy with your solicitor’s invoice you have a quantity of alternatives, see ‘Further Information’ underneath.

Generally if you acquire your circumstance, most or all of your expenditures (which includes lawful expenses) will be paid out for by the other get together.

Even so, you may be obliged to spend all the expenditures and expenses of your possess lawful team and that of the other get together in the next circumstances:

    • if you lose your circumstance
    • agree to acknowledge an total considerably less than your full assert
    • a courtroom fails to award you your expenditures or a proportion of them
    • the courtroom awards expenditures in opposition to you

It is significant to be aware that doesn’t award expenditures for or in opposition to either get together.

Even further info

A solicitor’s charge will have to not be too much for the operate finished. If you consider your solicitor’s invoice is too much you really should get hold of your solicitor to seek clarification and try out to appear to an agreement. Information on expenses is available in the Law Society’s Information in relation to lawful expenses  leaflet.

If you are continue to not satisfied you can make a complaint to the Law Modern society. As the regulatory overall body for solicitors in Eire, the Law Modern society sets down regulations and polices about how solicitors may conduct their enterprise, which includes lawful expenses. There is a Disciplinary Tribunal, which can look into any allegations of misconduct produced in opposition to a solicitor. Read additional about making a complaint about a solicitor in Eire in this article.

You could also have your lawful expenditures independently and impartially assessed by the Taxing Grasp, this is called the taxation of expenditures. The Taxing Grasp is an business office of the Higher Court and has nothing to do with taxes or the Earnings Commissioners. The Courts Support has information on the taxation of costs on its internet site.