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Air passenger rights in the European Union

Under EEU and Irish law, you have certain rights when travelling by air with European airlines. All European airlines, journey brokers, tour operators and all other companies associated in giving air transport expert services will have to observe your rights. These rights relate to challenges these as your appropriate to obtain correct data about flights and reservations, obligations of journey brokers, liability in the event of reduction of baggage or accidents, payment for overbooked flights, etc.

Information about flights and reserving your ticket

You have the appropriate to neutral and correct data when enquiring about or booking a flight through a journey agent. In other phrases, your journey agent will have to supply you with goal data (i.e., data that does not favour 1 airline around a further or selective data about availability) when you enquire about flights and bookings from its computerised reservation technique right up until you counsel a choice or give the journey agent an solution. This imply your journey agent is obliged to supply data to you about all the choices out there for a journey in the following order:

    • Non-stop flights (i.e., flights that operate specifically from 1 level to your desired destination)
    • Flights with intermediate stops (flights that operate with a stop-around and then commence to desired destination)
    • Connecting flights (i.e., a flight involving two factors in which you will have to get on a further flight to proceed your journey)
    • All the fares out there from different airlines.

Your journey agent will have to give you obtain to the data that is revealed up by the laptop technique if you ask for this either by letting you to see the monitor or by printing out this data for you. In change, airlines are obliged to give all data to the computerised technique so that this data is out there to your journey agent and to you. If you book your ticket with the airline, your journey agent will have to pass on all data out there in the laptop technique about:

    • The airline that will give the provider (if this is diverse from the airline pointed out on your ticket)
    • Improvements of aircraft that could arise throughout your journey
    • Stops en route throughout your journey
    • Transfers involving airports that could arise throughout your journey.

Verify-in and boarding

If you have a valid ticket and you have verified your reservation and presented yourself at test-in at the airport inside the time specified by the airline but you are not authorized to board the aircraft because the flight is overbooked, you are entitled to compensation below EU law.

Air journey as aspect of a bundle getaway

If you are travelling by air as aspect of a bundle tour or getaway obtained in Europe, you will have to obtain obvious, correct and specific data from the organiser about your excursion. Read extra about your rights such as data about brochures, transfers, cost stipulations and problems.

Air transport for people today with reduced mobility

Airways and tour operators could not refuse to have travellers, or to just take bookings, on the basis of reduced mobility. This applies only to flights from airports in the EU. Regulation (EC) No 1107/2006provides that a reservation or boarding can only be refused for justified safety reasons or if the boarding or transport of a person with a incapacity or reduced mobility is bodily difficult, due to the measurement of the aircraft or its doors. If the person is refused a reservation, an satisfactory choice will have to be provided. If boarding is refused, the person will have to be provided reimbursement or re-routing. Airport authorities are obliged to give aid with out added charge to the person worried but it could levy a cost on all travellers.

Other provisions below this Regulation include things like:

    • The airport authority is dependable for guaranteeing that the intending passenger receives the required aid from selected factors of arrival at the airport to the level of boarding the aircraft. There is a very similar provision for travellers who are landing at an EU airport.
    • On flights from EU airports, airlines are obliged to give certain expert services, these as the carrying of wheelchairs or guidebook dogs, cost-free of cost.
    • The two airport authorities and airlines are obliged to give teaching to their staff members so that those giving immediate aid to people today with disabilities and reduced mobility should know how to meet their needs. All staff members performing at the airport should be delivered with incapacity equality and awareness teaching.

Extra data is out there on the Commission for Aviation Regulation’s website.

Data defense

Passengers reserving air tickets in Europe have the appropriate to know about any personal details held or saved about them on laptop reservation units, what this data is to be utilised for and who is in management of this data. When your journey agent is creating a reservation on your behalf using a laptop technique, he or she will have to explain to you why the data is required, how lengthy this data is staying saved for and the name of the laptop operator and how to speak to this organisation. Everyone who requests this data will have to be offered cost-free obtain to data that is staying saved about him or her on the laptop reservation technique. The Data Defense Commission in Eire is in spot to uphold your rights to data held about you on laptop.

Innovative Passenger Information Prerequisites

Under a law carried out by the US Bureau of Customs and Border Defense airlines carrying travellers to the US are obliged to supply data about travellers in progress of journey.

In this article are examples of the style of data an airline can/could ask for from you:

    • Your first name (as on passport)
    • Your loved ones name (as on passport)
    • Your sex
    • Your day of beginning (working day/month/yr) format
    • Your nationality
    • Your passport range
    • Region in which your passport was issued
    • Expiry day of your passport (working day/month/yr) format
    • Address though you are in the United states (such as the ZIP code)

Make sure you keep in mind, you are obliged to supply this data to your airline. If you have any worries pertaining to the supply of this data, speak to your airline specifically. The Data Defense Commission of Eire has mentioned that airlines are obliged by law to give this data to the US authorities and travellers will be notified of this requirement when they book flights.

Additional data regarding the US Progress Passenger Information Procedure (APIS) is out there here.

Legal responsibility in the event of an accident

There is no financial limit on the liability of an EU airline for damages sustained by you in the event of death, wounding or any other bodily harm. For damages up to 113,100 SDRs, the airline are not able to contest statements for payment. Obtain out extra about an airline’s liability following the death or harm of a passenger, or destruction or reduction of luggage in our document on airline liability.

Enforcing your air passenger rights

The earlier mentioned rights have been set down either specifically in EU law or in Irish law that has been launched to convey EU legislation into influence. Airways, journey brokers, tour operators and all other companies associated in giving air transport expert services will have to observe them. You should be mindful of your rights and be prepared to protect them.

If you sense your rights have not been respected and you have not received the degree of therapy or payment to which you are entitled, you should speak to the the Aviation Regulation Division at the Section of Transportation, Tourism and Sport or the Competitiveness and Customer Defense Commission and notify them about it. You can also speak to the Directorate-Typical for Transportation and Electrical power of the European Commission.